C.Y. is an energetic eight-year-old boy, who is diagnosed with attentive deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. After joining the integrative neuropsychological training, improvement could be found in his daily life reported by himself and his mother. The practice of Nei Gong enables him to relax and facilitates his attention. In the past, he could hardly sit still and pay attention in class. His mother said it was a struggle to hold his hand while walking on the street as he would keep on jumping up and down. After receiving the training, he received compliment from his teacher that he is more attentive in class. His mother reported, “He used to throw tantrum a lot, but now his temper control improves a lot.” He also claimed that he could finish his assignments faster with a more cleared mind.

Furthermore, improvement can also be observed in the training sessions. In the beginning of sessions, he could only sustain his attention on the exercises for 5 minutes and then he would move around as if there were needles on the chair. As it progressed, he became more enthusiastic in learning new things and could practice with better accuracy for a longer period of time. It is motivating to see that he has achieved this incredible progress only within 3 months.

Apart from the report and observation from his parent and trainer, advancement can also be observed from more objective measures. His ability in memory, attention, flexibility and language was assessed before and after 10 training sessions. Within 3 months, his memory has improved from borderline to low average (66.67%); his attention has boosted from severely impaired to average (50%), and his vocabulary comprehension ability has progressed from borderline to average (27.27%) (See graphs below for details).

Last but not least, he has incorporated the elements in the training into his everyday life. For the past three months, he has been practising Nei Gong every day for around 20-30 minutes. He practised nasal massage in the morning, shoulder relaxation and smoothing Qi after school, and Natural Dan Tian Breathing before sleep. He used to take 30-60 minutes for him to sleep, nevertheless by the end of the training he could be fast asleep after the practice of Nei Gong. For the computerized cognitive training exercises, he usually logged on the platform and participated in 2-3 exercises in the system for 30 minutes at least 5 days per week. Also, his diet was slightly modified by decreasing the quantity and frequency of eating beef and chicken wings, while increasing the portion of vegetables. He was restrained from eating food that generates excess internal heat, including ginger, garlic and spices as well. Therefore, it is important to highlight that his satisfactory changes may be attributed to his compliance of both Chanwuyi lifestyle modification and computerized cognitive training exercises.