• How do human being maintain his/her optimal level of performance?
  • How do older adults maintain their memory function, and how do they prevent deterioration of their cognitive function due to degeneration of the brain?
  • How do children with developmental disorders such as autism and attention deficit and / hyperactivity disorder improve their cognitive functions?
  • How do students improve their learning abilities and performance in school?
  • How do employees in the company work more effectively and efficiently?
  • How do company directors make better decisions?

As a human being, our performance is mediated by our cognitive function and mental health. One will lose the ability to take care of himself/herself if his/her cognitive function is impaired, such as in cases of dementia of Alzheimer’s type; even a genius will lose his/her working ability if he/she suffers from severe depression. Thus, maintaining neuropsychological wellness is a significant matter for every human being.

The focus of the Chanwuyi Research Center is to explore methods to improve human cognitive function, mental and physical health. While there is no single miracle pill to tackle all kinds of human cognitive and emotional problems, our research center focuses on investigating the effectiveness of a Chinese traditional health concept, namely Chanwuyi, on improving cognitive function including attention, memory, decision-making, cognitive-flexibility, and psychological wellness.

For clinical application, Chanwuyi may be considered as a non-pharmacological intervention for patients with cognitive disorders such as memory loss or dementia, children with autism or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and adults with depression. For educational purpose, Chanwuyi may be considered as a training program to improve students’ school performance and job performance of businessmen, professional and others.